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A To Z Guns and Pawn Shop in Coconut Creek

Welcome to our Coconut Creek Pawn Shop. A To Z Guns & Pawn provides top-notch pawnbroker services to all residents and visitors in Coconut Creek. Being South Florida’s #1 pawn shop destination, you will receive top dollar for your items. There’s a reason why we are the top choice for high-end collateral lending to our clients in Coconut Creek. Our pawn shop services are both confidential and discrete. Therefore, we ensure the most relaxed environment for everyone who visits as we have been voted Florida’s friendliest gun store!

If at any given moment, you need quick cash, you can trust that A to Z Guns and Pawn is here to help you. Our staff of professional employees are deeply knowledgeable in the selling and buying of gold, platinum jewelry, coins, estate collection, and semi-precious stones. Even when you are in possession of old or broken jewelry, you can trust that we are very interested in purchasing in such items, too. Plus, we also offer reliable appraisal services.

Need money fast? Not a problem! A To Z Guns & Pawn are experts in buying and selling of gold, coins, platinum jewelry, estate collections, diamonds, and semi-precious stones. We will also purchase your old or broken jewelry. In addition, we also offer our dependable appraisal services. Many Coconut Creek pawn shops only deal in gold and guns, but what sets A to Z Guns and Pawn apart from the others is that we deal in almost everything. Need money now? Come visit us at A to Z Guns and Pawn today as WE PAY MORE!

Best Pawn Shop in Coconut Creek

For our customers, we take anything of value! A to Z provides pawn shop services with honesty, integrity, and confidence. We have over 20 years of experience and knowledge that has allowed us to serve the tri-county area of South Florida. Here at A to Z Guns & Pawn our Coconut Creek Pawn Shop provides services on everything from gold and guns to electronics, musical instruments, and automobiles. You name it, we’ve got it! If we don’t have it, we can get it.

We always conduct pawnshop business transactions with honesty and confidence. If you are looking for pawn shops near Coconut Creek that sell guns, look no further. Our Pawn Shop in Coconut Creek  provides a vast selection of top-notch items to buy or sell including:

A to Z Guns & Pawn specializes in buying and selling guns in South Florida. We have hundreds of new and used guns, holsters, ammunition and accessories in stock. We carry most major firearm brands, including Smith & Wesson, Cobra, Bersa, Taurus, Mossberg, Colt and more. We buy, sell and trade all firearms at great prices from our Coconut Creek location. Stop in today or check out our SPECIALS page!

Whether it be gun loans or jewelry loans, we can get you the cash you need both easily and confidentially. With A to Z Guns and Pawn, you won’t have to keep wasting your time searching for the best pawn shop in Coconut Creek. We here at A to Z Guns and Pawn really do care about the quality of every item we buy and sell.

We Buy and Sell Anything & Everything at Our Coconut Creek Pawn Shop

Our pawn shop in Coconut Creek provides a wide variety of high-quality items to buy or sell which include:

New & Used Guns and Ammunition

A to Z Guns and Pawn is Coconut Creek’s #1 leading gun store. Since we’re recognized as Coconut Creek’s top choice for guns and pawn shop Coconut Creek services, no other gun and pawn shop buys and sells guns like we do. We offer the largest selection of guns for sale throughout the South Florida area. WE PAY MORE!

Diamonds & Jewelry

If you ever browse through your own collection of old jewelry and you’re interested in selling them to a pawn shop near Coconut Creek, come to A to Z Guns and Pawn. No matter the sort of jewelry you have – whether it be diamonds, platinum jewelry, Rolex watches, precious stones, or anything of the sort within your possession – we are more than willing to pay cash for them. Here at our pawn shop in Coconut Creek, we provide discreet services for all transactions with no issues at all. There’s no other pawn shop in Coconut Creek that delivers quality service and possesses a selection like A to Z Guns and Pawn has. WE PAY MORE!

Gold, Silver, & Platinum

Do you find yourself in need of selling or even purchasing platinum, silver, or gold scraps, bullions, bars, or even coins? If so, then don’t hesitate at all to visit A to Z Guns and Pawn for the absolute best and most amazing offers. Besides selling and buying, we also offer loans on silver, gold, and platinum jewelry, bars, and coin collections. Also, as an added bonus, our Coconut Creek pawn shop also offers loans on sterling silver flatware and serving dishes as well as purchasing them. There is no other pawn shop in Coconut Creek that offers insurance appraisals on coin collections. WE PAY MORE!

Estate Collections

A to Z specializes in Estate Collections. We purchase all types of jewelry ranging from Rolex and other watches, rings, bracelets, necklaces, earrings, and gun collections. Our appraisal services are also offered for insurance or legal purposes. Not to mention, we also buy war memorabilia. No estate is too small for us! WE PAY MORE!


It seems unbelievable. But believe it or not, most pawn shops are more than willing to take your old electronics that you don’t want anymore.

Due to the fact that electronics are multi-functional tools that are capable of fulfilling many purposes, A to Z Guns and Pawn is much more than willing to purchase them from you. We can guarantee you that when you’re looking for the best pawn shop in Coconut Creek, there’s no better one than us who will offer you top dollar for your unwanted electronics. With our pawn shop Coconut Creek services, we can promise you that you’ll get the absolute best buck out of your old electronics. WE PAY MORE!

Concealed Weapons Certification

Our services extend beyond just purchasing, trading, and selling items. Being the top pawn shop in Coconut Creek and all of Broward County, we are proud members of the National Rifle Association (NRA). We also offer Concealed Weapons Classes which include shooting lessons,  with certified NRA instructors so you can safely and effectively obtain your gun permits. You have the right to protect yourself, don’t be a victim!

The class, which is suitable for men and women alike, includes a shooting lesson with a certified NRA instructor who will assist first-time gun owners. Other classes available include personal protection in the home, advice for first-time gun buyers, and female-friendly courses. Private concealed weapons classes are also available, along with discounts for group classes.

Here at A to Z Guns & Pawn, we care about the quality of every item we buy and sell. You no longer have to waste time searching for the best Pawn Shop in Coconut Creek when A to Z Guns & Pawn PAYS MORE!

Why Visit Our Pawn Shop

Our Coconut Creek Pawn Shop provides affordable interest rates as well as flexible terms on pawn loans. We are here to work with you not against you. This is why we are Coconut Creek’s most sought after pawn shop.

If you are looking for a pawn shop that buys and sells anything and everything in the Coconut Creek area, come check us out! A to Z Guns & Pawn carries the largest selection of guns, gold, estate jewelry, and many other novelties at our Coconut Creek pawn shop.

With A to Z Guns and Pawn, you get the best solution for your short term or long term cash needs. Whether you are looking to sell or buy, we are here for you. We have been established since 1997 offering pawnbroker services and concealed weapons classes in Coconut Creek, FL.

For any inquiries, you may call us at 954-941-1826 or visit our contact page.

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